Prevention through the cultural traditions / Превенция чрез културните традиции

понеделник, 13 февруари 2012 г.

Making bread

Breadmaking is a very old custom, that has come quite common even nowadays. This is also because our Estonian president`s wife likes to bake and make bread and she has advertised it over tv, so peole today have come closer to their roots and make simpler foods . In many families people make the dough themselves and bake bread.
Our history teacher and also a parent Merja bakes bread herself and she talked about baking bread to the 1st class students and home economics class students. They made the dough all together and everybody could taste it. As the old tradition says, you have to sing during making the dough, then the dough really comes right.
In the end the breads were put into the oven. Everybody could taste a piece of hot bread.
Месенето на хляб е много стар обичай. В много семейства хората се забавляват и сами правят тестото и печат хляба. Нашият учител по история, родител на Меря, показва пред първокласниците как  се меси и пече хляб. Направиха тестото заедно, опитаха вкуса му  и го поставиха в пещта. След изпичането, всеки опита парче горещ хляб.

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