Prevention through the cultural traditions / Превенция чрез културните традиции

събота, 7 април 2012 г.

St. Lazar’s day

According to the folklore tradition St. Lazar’s day is the day dedicated to fields, meadows and forests. It is celebrated each year on the last Saturday before Easter and a day before Palm Sunday. Young girls dressed in their prettiest clothes would gather in groups and make a round of the village singing to health, fertility, love and happiness. St. Lazar’s day is a hymn of spring, nature rebirthing for new life, youth and first love excitement and the little lazarki (the young girls to fulfill the ritual) are the flowers of people – their tender and beautiful daughters!
The teachers L. Lazarova and M. Tsvetkova paid tribute to the folk tradition and reenacted the custom with their pupils visiting homes in the quarter of Bistrets, near Vratsa. The beautiful lazarki sang St. Lazar’d Day songs and the hostesses gifted them with eggs to be painted on Holy Saturday for Easter. The girls’ classmate Angel and his family had prepared nice treats for everyone who took part.

Учителите Л.Лазарова и М. Цветкова спазиха българската традиция, като лазаруваха със свои ученици в домове на жителите от кв. Бистрец. Красивите лазарки пяха лазарски песни и бяха дарувани с яйца, парички и сладкиши от стопаните им. Богатата почерпка в дома на Ангел /съученик на лазарките/ бе за всички включили се в празника. 

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